Knee cap problems

The knee cap (patella) is involved in every movement that you make with your knee joints. Consequently, it is highly susceptible to pain due to the sustained pressure that you place on it as you go about your normal tasks. A painful patella can also result from a more acute problem or a chronic condition such as a contusion, which is normally referred to a bruise. This condition develops as a result of a direct forceful blow to the knee joint.

Knee cap –  Knee joint gets twisted

Another common cause of a painful knee cap is an injured cartilage. This occurs when the knee joint gets twisted. This condition is common among athletes, and especially runners, soccer and basketball players. A cartilage injury is a serious condition that could take time to heal. Regardless of the cause of your knee ailment, it can prevent you from performing your normal duties. Likewise, a knee discomfort can prevent you from participating in your favorite activities or hobbies. 

Knee Cap

Knee Cap

 Knee cap – Knee pain involves the knee joint

It is easy to diagnose a painful patella. Of course the first symptom is the pain that you’ll feel. Sometimes people tend to ignore low-level pain on their joints. They just assume it will go away. This is wrong especially when the pain involves the knee cap and joint. It is important to consult your doctor whenever you feel some pain on your knee. Whether you have been feeling the pain for a few days or you have a chronic problem, you should be examined by a physician. There are many factors that could be causing the pain. This includes the presence of a serious internal injury. You should therefore, avoid trying to self-diagnose your knee pain.

 However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take some remedial measures at home when you are suffering from a painful patella. Before you consult a doctor, there are some home remedies that you can try out when you are feeling pain on your knee. The simplest of them all, is taking some rest, and putting some ice on the knee joint. These two will remedial measures will reduce the pain and any swelling that may have been caused by the injury. If you have a serious knee injury, you’ll need to rest for at least 6 weeks. This can be very hard for most people unless you are a retiree. A better treatment option can be found in the form of a knee brace.

 Knee cap –  knee brace can be very effective

A knee brace can be very effective in treating a painful patella. It supports the knee and maintains a proper alignment of the knee joint. The resulting stability reduces the pain. It is recommendable to use a knee brace if you are suffering from severe knee injury. It can also be very helpful if you have a chronic knee problem.

Once you consult your doctor, he/she will examine your knee manually. You may be asked a few questions including whether you have had a previous history of knee problems, and your recent physical activities. This will help your doctor to assess the problem properly. The manual examination will then be followed by an X-Ray from which the physician will determine an appropriate course of treatment. Note that, sometimes the problem of knee cap pain may require specialist treatment at a specialized clinic that deals with joints.

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