Knee Cracking

Knee cracking and other knee noises are also referred to as crepitus. There are two types of of crepitus; painless and painful crepitus. Most of the crepitus cases are painless and do not signify any underlying problem. However, the painful crepitus calls for attention for it indicates the presence of some bone and joint ailments such as the snapping of knee tendon, or the scarring of the knee tissue also known as cavitation.

One way to stop the cracking of the knee is by striving to strengthen the knee. Naturally, the knee joint is made to ensure stability of the leg. Strengthening the quadriceps or the leg muscles, especially the hamstrings and glutes increases the knee joint stability by improving the knee support. The strengthening of the knee joint can be done by regular exercises such as parallel squating, back, toes, knees and heel strengthening exercises.

Knee cracking by improving your hip

Knee Cracking

You can also stop knee cracking by improving your hip and ankle mobility. As the knees are for stability and the hips for mobility, the lack of mobility on the hip and the ankle results in the knee bearing the strain thus generating some technical structure issues. These structural effects can lead to very painful motions, or total malfunctioning of the knee especially if not adequately addressed in good time.

Stop the knee cracking

Proper diet can also be used to stop the knee cracking, Diet improves the quality of your body health in the skin, digestive system, joints lubrication and many others. The recommended foods for the cracking knees include fish oils that prevent inflammation. This plays a great role in the destruction of the knee joint. Other essential foods that assist in quelling the knee cracking include; vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals. The consumption of most of the berries foods is vital for the enhancement of the connective muscle tissues.

Simple way of stopping knee cracking

Learning the correct way to jump and land is another simple way of stopping knee cracking. Most people jump and land with straight knees forcing the knee joints to absorb the landing impact which is detrimental for the body in general. The recommended way to land especially in sports such as basketball is in half squats; half squats make the tendons and muscles to bear the landing impact leaving the knees intact.

Lastly, you should stop all activities that strain your knees, or cause the cracking of the knees. Strenuous activities such as prolonged sitting, standing, or wrong postures should be avoided. In exercising your legs, and all other body parts, one should start by warming up; this involves the raising of the body temperature in the joints thus accustoming them to the hard exercises to follow by triggering lubrication.

Unless, the knee cracking is painful, there is should be no cause for alarm. But for long time knee health, anyone experiencing the cracking of the joint whether painful or painless, should try to eliminate it before it manifests in to a more severe problem. If the natural methods aforementioned do not work, the person many use other methods such as taking health supplements to provide the needed nutritional requirements, and if possible seek help from medical professionals.

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