Knee Pain – Natural Treatment, Home Remedies and Alternative Medicine

Knee pain is a condition that can be brought on by a wide variety of factors, in people of all different ages. Sometimes, it can be caused by an injury to a ligament or cartilage while it can also be caused by something as simple as a bad shoe or a bad walking form.

Those suffering from persistent knee pain are usually very frustrated people who feel that gnawing pain throughout the day and sometimes even at night. Those kind of people should however be encouraged by the fact that there are a number of solutions for eliminating or significantly reducing pain in the knees. In the sections below, we will introduce you to how you can eliminate or reduce knee pain without medical procedures, by using home remedies, natural treatments and alternative medicine.

knee pain

knee pain


Natural treatment / Home remedies for knee pain

Ask anybody who has suffered from pain in the knees if a home remedy successfully worked for them and there is a good chance that they will recommend you the RICE remedy. RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Though fairly fundamental in nature, the RICE remedy might put an end to your knee problems quite easily, without you every having to visit a doctor.

RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation


The fact that you have knee pain does not mean that there is something seriously wrong with you. It could just be a simple case of your cartilage and knee muscles being overworked, after some strenuous activity. Strenuous activity has a different meaning for a lot of different people. A healthy 20 something might develop knee pain after an intense game of soccer that went into overtime while an overweight 50 something might develop knee pain because they spent an extra hour in the garden, on their knees, pruning some shrubs. In either case, the person might be able to eliminate the pain in their knees by simply avoiding the activities that caused the pain, for a short period of time.


Ice packs are an excellent remedy to eliminate pain from the knees. You don’t have to buy one of those fancy medical ice packs for this. Just grab a big bag of frozen peas and apply it on your knees, for no longer than 20 minutes at a time. It is important that you follow that time limit as overexposure to ice has the potential to damage both skin and nerves. Ice will reduce the inflammation on the muscles and cartilage that are causing the pain in your knees.


When you are suffering from pain in the knees, there is a very good chance that you have fluid buildup that is caused by misaligned and unstable blood vessels. Go get yourself a nice compression bandage that is tight enough to compress and stabilize your knee, but not too tight that it will restrict your body’s natural blood flow. Look for something comfortable as well.


This simple remedy is particularly effective after you have sustained an injury or gone through an event that has begun to cause you knee pain. Simply put your legs up in an elevated position, by sitting on a reclining chair or by just propping up your legs on a bunch of pillows. This will prevent gravity from worsening your knee problems, as fluids that will otherwise accumulate around the knee will be drained away, reducing the inflammation and pain around the knee area.

When suffering from knee pain, it would be ideal if you employed all four techniques suggested above, for at least a couple of days. There is a tremendous chance that you will see a dramatic reduction or maybe even a complete elimination of that annoying pain in your knees.

Alternative medicine for knee pain

Of late, a number of alternative treatments have become popular with the general public. Some of the more prominent ones are briefly discussed below.

Stretching / Yoga techniques

Quite a number of people have been amazed by the results that simple stretching has on their knee pain. When the muscles in your knees are tight and stiff, they restrict and exert the attached tendons, causing pain in various intensities. Specialized yoga/stretching exercises that will loosen up those muscles can eliminate or at least reduce the tightness, thereby reducing or eliminating the pain as well. If one suffers from recurring pain in the knees, they can resort to about 5-10 minutes of daily stretching, to keep the pain from coming back ever again.

Massage / Physiotherapy

A skilled massage therapist or an experienced physiotherapist can feel the source of your knee pain, just by clutching your knee with their hands. They will then slowly work on relaxing the muscles, tendons and ligaments that have been affected, promoting better blood flow and also eliminating any fluid buildup that might be causing the pain.

Massaging and trained physiotherapy can also eliminate scar tissue and adhesions. Scarring and adhesions are usually present when a person ignores their knee problems and goes on with their everyday life. Both scarring and adhesions can slowly intensify your knee problems over time and a massage therapist will be able to eliminate that possibility.


Acupuncture, as you may know, is a technique where needles are used to release pressure points and endorphins in the body. Some people have sworn by the effectiveness of acupuncture, in relieving them of knee problems. The key of course is to find a reputable acupuncturist who knows what he or she is doing.


Medical research has shown that the area around all the joints in the body contain two compounds called Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate. These compounds are now commercially available as supplements. When a doctor prescribes these supplements in calculated doses, many patients have experienced a dramatic reduction in knee and other joint pain as well.

There are a few other alternative treatments for knee pain such as electromagnetic therapy and herbal treatments that are less popular, but effective in certain isolated cases. If you are suffering from knee pain, it is highly recommended that you first try the RICE home remedy to see if it will rectify your knee problems. If it doesn’t, you can look at alternative medicine or more conventional medical treatments like prescription drugs or maybe even surgery, if necessary.

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